If you have been to the Lake of the Ozarks before, then you realize that there are so many different areas. Some beautiful Lake of the Ozarks Sunrise Beach Homes for Sale too. For example we have Camdenton, Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, Sunrise Beach, Linn Creek, Rocky Mount, Gravois Mills, Laurie, Eldon, Roach, Edwards, Climax Springs etc.

Sunrise Beach is located on the west side of the lake and some say it’s the “best of both worlds” because of the bridge that connects the east and the west sides of the Lake of the Ozarks, you are so close to either side. The east side is more popular with the quiet more private type and the west side was made for fun and excitement. So in one day you can hop on the bridge and go check out all the stores and activities and restaurants then come right back home and enjoy a nice quiet evening in your quiet cove.

Sunrise Beach is also where the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout happens every August. The Shootout is the biggest boat race here in the Midwest. Tons of boats with tons of power competing on the water for bragging rights!

A few of the most popular lakeside restaurants in Sunrise Beach would be; Papa Chubby’s, Captain Ron’s, Bulldog’s Beach House, Jolly Rogers and more.

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